What we do

In the field of debt finance the old saying that there’s ‘more than one way to skin a cat’ still holds true. Sadly, that’s not the view that many in our industry take. The result is an uninspiring way of working that fails to maximise opportunities or deliver real value.

We work differently. Utilising our vast experience we aim to find smarter ways to fund and structure debt financings to your best advantage. After all, isn’t that exactly what financing specialists are supposed to do?

Going above and beyond
Introducing borrowers to investors is only part of the story. Success depends on bringing deals to fruition. There’s a skill to that, which is where our experience and expertise comes in. Diligent and tenacious, we closely manage every deal we do: supporting, advising and resolving to ensure that each deal closes on time and on budget – leaving no stone unturned.

Before we do anything else or talk to anyone else, we do our homework. We get to know you and your business or project. We do our due diligence, modelling and think carefully about how to best position your business or the project with debt providers and what will be required to raise the finance and achieve your goals.
Transaction Structuring
We give careful thought to your objectives and advise on the possibilities specific to your situation. Together we define your debt offering and where it ranks in the capital structure. Whether it will be in GBP, EUR or USD, listed or private, secured or unsecured, long or short dated, amortising, interest only, fixed, floating or inflation linked.
Placing / Distribution
Never losing sight of your goals, we can approach both banks and institutional investors to find the optimal debt financing solution, it is our extensive relationships with debt providers that differentiates us from competitors. We negotiate terms and debate relative value, carefully balancing who or which market is able to deliver the sharpest pricing versus the best terms and conditions for a borrowers circumstances and needs.
Transaction Management
With you from the moment you mandate us until funding, we manage the entire documentation process. We help you select and work closely with the various lawyers, valuers, technical advisers, trustees etc. We are nimble and maintain short and direct communication lines between you and the selected debt provider to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation that is cost effective and without surprises.

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